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When Worlds Collide!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Every artist should have an art car! This is the startling realization I came to in 2008 when I started my first art car, the Piecemobile.  As an art quilter living in Houston, I was in the perfect place for worlds to collide. Houston is the Art Car Capital of the world and also the home of the biggest quilt festival in the world.  When worlds collide, magical things happen and new worlds are created.

I had toyed with making an art car for years, having seen a few art cars around town. I had never been to the Art Car Parade and didn’t even know any art carmakers.  But I was looking for something new to spark my creativity and was frustrated with results of the normal ways of promoting my work as an art quilter. So I decided to take a chance and create an art car.

I envisioned the Piecemobile as large rolling canvas to showcase my work.  I decided not to make a quilted car but to use my large format printer to print large panels of my drawings and to attach them to the car. The drawings were of women quilting and sewing and once they were attached to the car I embellished them with pincushions, needle cases, and thousands of buttons.