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It’s Hung!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Yesterday I hung 24 quilts at the Brazosport Arts and Sciences Center and I was the juror for the Texas Original Art Doll Association which is also exhibiting in the same space. The opening is Sat July 14 from 7-9. I will be presenting the awards for the doll show that night.  “Saints and Sinners and Wise-cracking Women” is a fun show with lots of humor.

Drawing from the Well

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007


The last two nights I have been scribbling away…

I like to use smooth laser paper in a very bright white. Usually I use a sharpie but these were scratched out with a Bic. I keep all of these drawings in a tub I have dubbed “The Well”
Later I will draw from the well and some of these drawings will inspire quilts in the future.
Back to binding!

It’s Binding!

Monday, July 2nd, 2007


It’s Binding! And not my favorite part of the quilt making process!

I have a PILE of quilts to bind and sleeve for my show that hangs next Monday at Brazosport Art Center. This is one of those chores I always put off until last moment. Most of the quilts already have the first part of the binding already machine sewn in place.

I have worked really hard to get a lot of new work for the show which has about 130 linear feet of walls for me to fill.

At least the weather is cooperating. It is rainy and grungy and just the type of day to snuggle up to a good movie or dvd and do the hand work. Usually it is too light in here from the glare off the lake to see a tv.