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Acting as a Juror

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

The art quilt world is discussing the jury process on these two blogs:

I have been on both sides as juror and as accepted and not accepted ( I hate the word rejected) I can tell every juror I know of takes this job on with a little or a lot of trepidation.

Some people who are asked to jury say no because of how hard it is. One year when I was on the SAQA committee we decided we would love to see what Hilary Fletcher ( from QN) would pick if she got to make the selections. All those years as director of QN and never the one to choose.

SO we asked her to do a jury selection for a SAQA show. She didn’t even hesitate to say no. Turned us down flat with out hesitation. Her reaction was “But all those people who would enter are my friends!”

And that is what just about every art quilter who acts as a juror faces. Unless she has had her head in the sand she will recognize some of the work.

But when you are in the dark making selections you feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to be objective, to be on your top game and notice the little details that make something subtle shine, to pay attention to each slide and keep your energy up through out the process. It is exhausting.

If the promoters have done a good job, you have a great field to choose from. At the end the process gets really difficult with say 10 quilts vying for 3 or so spots. It gets to be a little like pulling off bandaids. Each one you have to let go stings a little.

Then the round of looking through those not selected one last time, just to make sure, is a little sad. Some of those in that set are wonderful and just got beat out by 100th of a second <G> On occassion, sure enough, a gem that got missed somehow….bummer back to those selected to see what happens now !

Then you are all done, and you get to see who made what, to match the names up to the work. Of course being me, I have to go back and see the names on the slides of the almost chosen.

Then there is a sense of accomplishment and pride. And more trepidation because you know that some people will be hurt by your selections and others will be crowing and happy dancing.

Ukulele KRitter

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008


Today I have my first lesson. Learning a lot about how I learn something new. The way I am going about this has brought back memeories of how I learned to quilt, make art etc. More on that later.

Ukulele KRitter

Monday, August 11th, 2008


okay, I know the sound hole is too far down <G>

Doodling Around

Monday, August 4th, 2008


What do your doodles say about you? Andrea Meyers in her book “Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for You” says what you doodle reveals your inner personality, and throws a light on your current moods or concerns.  She says if you doodle flowers and curves, you are innovative and creative; if you doodle faces you are curious, introspective but sociable; if you doodle stars and moons you are confident and optimistic; if you doodle spirals and stairs you are patient; if you doodle geometric objects you are goal oriented.

What is the difference between a doodle and a drawing? A drawing is a conscious effort, a doodle is absent minded drawing, drawing while doing something else like watching TV or talking on the phone or listening to a class lecture.

This article made me start thinking about it. What do I doodle? Why? and what does it mean?

What do Obama and McCain doodle?

I have done some more research than this little toe dip into doodles and their symbolism! And will post more later.

In the mean time, what do you doodle?