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Ike Recovery

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
  • Working on sheet rock today, heard that my new studio on Galveston was under water about 4 feet for a day but the house is okay and the electricity is back on. We can’t go on the island until tomorrow. 
  • Pulling sheetrock in Nassau Bay all day today….my studio has never been cleaner ( it’s empty! <G>) 
  • I am really OK everyone, it is just stuff! I cried a bit when the towed the Piecemobile but now just want to get back to normal as quickly as possible.  
  • Planning art car #2 and #3  
  • #2 will be the Peace Expedition 
  • #3 will include parts from the jukeboxes etc that are ruined. 

When you get scraps…make a quilt! <G>–

Ike Recovery

Saturday, September 20th, 2008
  • Just checking in quick before I go back to clean-up
  • We got 5 feet of water in the downstairs…
  • A gameroom with 3 Jukeboxes, a Spiderman Pinball machine, coke machines and so on. None will ever work again…all those vintage treasure we had collected over the years
  • My Cedar Closet with 100 antiques quilts and some of my early work from my book Quick Quilting. Susan Ennis came over yesterday to try and recover as many of those as possible…thanks SUSAN
  • My office with all my quilt books and all my promotional stuff: postcards tears sheets etc, exhibition records etc. Alot of my slides are also wet. Also a lot of paperwork and misc that I should have thrown away before. But worst of all the Epson 7800  is beat.
  • My garage with the PIECEMOBILE and john’s car and outside my son’s car: all totaled
  • My studio, most of paints are okay and my dyes were up high, my fabric stash which is minimal anyway is okay
  • About 10 works in progress wet and maybe salvaged thanks to Susan Ennis
  • All my tables and my two thermofax machines are toast.
  • My Gammil, my Pfaff, 2 Berninas and Brother all waterlogged and dead for good I fear.
  • And the design walls just sucked up the sewage and seawater one of the smelliest things in the house. 

But thank goodness our living space is upstairs and untouched (except by the AWFUL smell) so once the sheet rock is ripped out and lights go back on, we can move home from Residence Inn on Westpark where we are staying. Still unclear about our house in Galveston and my studio there is most likely been wet.Hoping the house is okay with all its vintage 50’s stuff but my SIL lives close by and her house is drenched so not sure. My son has a house there to and no word on that.