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Art Car Making

Sunday, October 8th, 2017



Art Car Basics by Kim Ritter
Spring Street Studios #134


Types of Art Cars/Bikes/Scooters/Motorcycles

Painted or Airbrushed

Mutant: A car that no longer looks like a car

Mixed Media: Cars with various things attached

Daily Driver: A car which is driven all the time, not just in parades

Art Car Painting

1. Start with a car that runs well and will last
2. Use materials that will last
3. Consider safety
4. Consider added weight
5. Clean the car well
6. Tape off parts not to be painted
7. De-grease with TSP
8. Lightly sand. Do not go down to the metal
9. Paint with 1Shot paint
10. Clear Coat with a 2-part polyurethane like Shop-Line
11. Use Goof Off to clean up hands and brushes and to pick up drips

Mutant Car Making
1. Cut off the unnecessary parts of the body
Weld or rivet on the mutant metal parts

2. Or use a mold and fill with expanding foam, and cover with fiberglass paper and then sand and paint

3. Or use dowels to connect Styrofoam to form a block, carve and use Bondo to cover, sand, paint, sand, clear coat. Attach to car.

4. Use large 3 D lightweight elements like mannequins, instruments etc., then cover with beads, tiles etc.

5. Almost anything goes! Use the skills you already possess to create something uniquely you

Mixed Media Cars:

1 Use magnets or silicone for lightweight objects
2 Use Amazing Goop for larger items
3 Rivet or weld large pieces of metal

Places to go in your art car

Houston Art Car Parade ( 4 days of fun!)
Burning Flipside
Burning Man
Local parades: Thanksgiving Day parade, Gay Pride Parade, St Patrick’s Day Parade, Mardi Gras Parade in Galveston and others
Houston Art Car Klub Illuminated Cruise Fall and Spring
Hack exhibitionat Traders Village
Tulsa OK Art Car Parade
Victoria TX Art Car Parade
Trinidad CO Parade
Art Togeau, Lawrence KS
Houston’s Art Car Museum
The grocery store and all your errands

Many of these parades offer travel stipends and lodging
Artists are also offered tickets, etc. to attend art events, film openings etc
You can get parade car insurance, if you do not drive your car daily.
You will need a safety inspection, insurance and a fire extinguisher to ride in parades.

1Shot paint: Texas Art Supply or on-line
Shop-Line clear coat: AJ Foyt
Costuming: Frankel’s, Arne’s, Party Boy, resell shops
Houston Art Car Klub