Art Car Mania


Seam Stress

Fabric for the art car

Thinking of mounting a large thimble ( small bathroom trash can) and spool (from home depot, it used to have electric cord on it,) and making a big red pincushion and my daughter says she can make the large pins and needles to put around on the car oput of dowel rods and Styrofoam balls and paper mache.

Decoupaging the fabric on with Outdoor Modge Podge

Polymer resin dipping rotary cutters and scissors for attaching to the wheels as custom hubcaps.

Kacy will make a giant button which can go on the back where a spare tire would be t.

Getting new yellow cloth top and purple carpet

Large colorful foam letter saying and artquilts



8 Responses to “Art Car Mania”

  1. Susan Says:

    Is this for Burning Man?

  2. Kim Says:

    No for the Houston Art Car Parade more likely. The cars at Burning Man have to be MUTANT vehicles…radically altering the car beyond paint and collage. It is a juried event.
    The Houston Parade is not juried but they get 20,000 plus spectators. The true art car artists spend years on their vehicle and maybe I will too, but just a newbie now.
    Seeing it as a advertisement and just plain fun. Always wanted to do one.

    Plus I won’t have trouble finding my car in the lot at the International Quilt Festival

  3. PaMdora Says:

    gee Kim, it’s hard to add anything because you seem to have thought of it all. But maybe you could paint big stitch lines around all the edges, as if it had been hemmed. Or how about a big zipper around the hood or trunk.

  4. pam in kansas Says:

    Well, plaid is always good, because plaid is always associated with fabric. And if you can’t find a large enough plaid it is always easy to make yourself. Then, of course, there is the crazy quilt …..

  5. tawney Says:

    icky to do – but – how about a ‘quilt’ (or section thereof) done large using insulation as the batt, fabric top and bottom and tied like a comforter with heavy string –

  6. Kay Cox Says:

    I am a huge fan of the Art Car parade and the Orange Show and I love your idea. I like the idea above of adding the stitches and maybe a zipper from front to back. Of course it partly depends on what kind of car you are using. This sounds awesome and I would love to help. I live just down the road in El Lago.

  7. Alan Evil Says:

    Be careful with the hubcaps if you plan on driving faster than parade speeds. It’s very hard to get them balanced properly and if they aren’t they’ll either vibrate themselves off the car or the glued objects will fly off. Flying scissors on the highway sounds bad to me.

    My mom has written several books about quilting. Her name is Phyllis Miller.

  8. Kim Says:

    Going to work on the car this weekend in Galveston. Kacy is coming in for a gig at Super Happy Funland in the Heights SAT night