Last night was an interesting twist in my career as an artist. I told you all that I hung a show for Mixed Media Artists of Houston in Brazosport Art Center last week. The opening was Sat night. When we arrived one of the art league volunteers asked my husband if he wanted to see the work they almost banned. I knew it had to be one of mine <VBG> Sure enough “Cherry” had caused quite a stir.


Third grade students had been in the center on Friday and were asked to sketch their favorite piece. A little boy picked Cherry and got busy sketching nipples.

This led to phone calls to the center by the parents or perhaps the teacher,  and a hasty meeting of the Brazosport Art League was held. Apparently it was a little heated as some people were angry about censorship and others more worried about the children.

In the end the group voted to stand by the artist (me!) and “Cherry” is still on display without bandaids (as someone apparently suggested as a joke).

This may be the pinnacle of my career. Every artist dreams of being BANNED!

13 Responses to “Censorship”

  1. marie Says:

    Hard to belive – it’s just such a wonderful piece ! I would have to wonder how the child made that conection !
    Anyway – Great show and congratualtions !

  2. sion Says:

    Well duh, everyone knows that nudes in art are a gateway drug – first it’s drawing nipples, and before you know it it’s all bondage & bestiality and probably crack and bankrobbery too …

  3. Kristin L Says:

    Herein lies one of the great differences between Europe and the US. Europe shows more nudity (kids are exposed at an early age to breasts of all shapes and sizes at the public swimming pools and sports clubs, not to mention magazine covers at the gas stations and in newspapers, and of course on TV), but less violence. In the US violence seems to be widely accepted, but please — no nudity!

  4. Sandra Wyman Says:

    Congratulations, Kim – now you’re up there with the truly greats! I always feel a piece of art must be doing something right if it gets banned! Great quilt, too and congratulations on the show. BTW don’t think it would have been a problem on this side of the Atlantic.

  5. Kathie Briggs Says:

    Great piece and a great story too, Kim. Don’t be so sure the bandaids were a joke. I had a mermaid art doll returned from the “Myths and Legends” tour altered. Someone wrapped her bare torso with ribbon and used hot glue to affix it.

  6. Susan Brubaker Knapp Says:

    Good Lord! This obsession with women’s breasts (either the sexualization of them, or the prudishness about showing them at all) makes me crazy! It is a great piece. Susan

  7. Kay Cox Says:

    This whole thing is so ridiculous…when GAL was showing in the Rosenberg library, I think the same sort of thing happened. We must be the only country in the world that is so uncomfortable with body parts.

  8. Shoshana Edwards Says:

    It has been a year since my double mastectomy, and I am amazed at the number of people who are actually offended that I do not wear prostheses. They have the gall to come and tell me that I should “replace them” and not go about looked deformed. So we live in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t society. You gotta have them — under lock and key.

  9. Kim Says:

    I have snorted diet coke out of my nose more than once this am reading the comments! It is a amazing the row a DRAWING of a breast can cause in the US. In Denmark, where I lived for two and half years, if there is a hint of sun, people are shucking off their clothes in the park and sunning. My husband had to avoid the park as his secretaries were always sunning and being a true American he couldn’t then look them in the eye aftering seeing them topless.

  10. paula, the quilter Says:

    I am the office manager for a bronze sculptor. One day a young woman walked into the front gallery (the studio, metal shop, wax room and patina room are in back) looked around and asked me to cover up a bronze relief plaque on the wall because the coquette with fan was showing a breast. No, I won’t censor art, I told her. Well, I can’t bring my children in here, she said in a huff and left. I don’t care: I will not censor art.

  11. Sally Bramald Says:

    Are American children expected to grow up not knowing they were breastfed and women have nipples?

  12. Tanya Brown Says:

    Congratulations for almost being banned!

    And as for those who are concerned about kids encountering a little nippleage – Criminy! Grow up!

  13. Jane Andreoli Says:

    Hi Kim

    About 30 years ago I used to model nude for an art group. It was a sex-less intellectual exercise and paid well! I think censorship of the female or male nude form is a seriously ridiculous thing to do. Understanding the beauty and fragility of the naked human form I believe leads to a better balanced human being – it also de-mystifies the body and hopefully gets things into a proper perspective for angst and hormone-ridden teenagers!