Trail of Tears



To tell you the truth this is my one of my worst nightmares to have our country once more involved in a war. To see people  I care about being sent into combat with misinformation.  From the first moments of 9/11 i knew in my heart where this was all leading. That this horrible act would be used as an excuse to make war.

I was a teenager during Vietnam and at least during that war we saw the caskets of our fallen. Now they are not allowed to tape the kids coming home in body bags. We deserve the truth from our government and our media. We need to make sure none of our kids are sacrificed needlessly and that as long as they are fighting they have the support they need.

I hope at least one candidate for the next election will agree with me and that for one time since I was 21 (born 56 do the math) I will be happy with my choice  when the curtain closed and I pulled the lever.

4 Responses to “Trail of Tears”

  1. Jan Greenwell Says:

    Hi Kim, Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Jill Smith Says:

    Kim, l felt like you did at first and l am a Brit but now l feel disgusted that there sending young men of eighteen and a bit older to die and that sounds strong but thats how l feel.
    If someone doesn’t come to their senses soon and bring a lot more back than a thousand at Christmas, there will be a lot moere lost, they should have never gone and my heart goe’s out to there families in the US and UK.

  3. Kay Cox Says:

    This is a beautiful piece. I so believe that we as artists have an obligation to raise our voices against this disastrastrous war.

  4. Judy Says:

    You echo my sentiments exactly. It’s only the young who go out and fight the battles of the old men. And notice, W never went to war, so he really didn’t have a taste for how devastating the war that he escaped while doing battle in the Reserves in Alabama, really was.