Self Censorship


Ice is an earlier work and one of the pieces I DID NOT take to the art center because I thought it was a little out there for the audience.

It took me a long time to press send on the previous post. I wondered if it would hurt me to say what I think. Then I thought “What am I thinking? Didn’t I become an artist because I had something to say?

It led me into something I have been pondering. How much do I censor myself? I used to worry about what the kids or hubby would think. Hubby has often looked a little puzzled..horses, tools???? Then he snorts, shakes his head and laughs out loud. So I know he gets the jokes.

Do any of you artists self censor and why?

One Response to “Self Censorship”

  1. sion Says:

    In art, in life, on the blog, or all of the above? To a certain extent I think self-censorship is natural and even desirable – people who don’t or can’t manage their impulses at all tend to be diagnosably nutters (or at best boors). Sometimes it’s just polite – I moderate my swearing on my blog (no really, I do! heh), for eg, because I don’t want to offend my customers or mum (she might just smack me, even now).

    I’m less inclined to censor myself when it comes to controversial issues though, and I’ve certainly never been afraid of confrontational imagery etc in my actual work. Despite my habit of yelling at the TV, I don’t have the energy to remain in a constant state of outrage about much any more – I can & do get past my terror of personal confrontation if I find myself stuck listening to pure bigotry though (happens distressingly often in my small town, unfortunately). Where it’s important to me – on my blog, in my art & writing – I’m far more inclined to say what I think & consider it a winnowing process; for eg I won’t lose any sleep over anyone being offended by my rant about homophobes recently, and anyone with nipple terrors probably shouldn’t look at too much of my work.