Blog Action Day


Native Americans had a reverence for the Earth that we have lost. Earth is our Mother and nurtures us. If we don’t have respect for Mother Earth and Father Sky, we will lose ourselves. I think part of our problem is we all spend so much time stuck inside. I sit on my porch every morning and look at the lake and take in some strength from nature.  I walk my dog on the beach every weekend and it sustains me. In the evening I am back on porch to see the moon and stars reflected on the lake

Go out… watch the sun set or rise. Reflect on life by staring into a lake. Remember that we part of something larger than ourselves.

2 Responses to “Blog Action Day”

  1. Julaine Says:

    Oh my…beautiful!

  2. Sheila Says:

    Ah, I do this every day! You are so right. But I have to admit, I wonder if I’d get out as much as I do if it were not for the dog. She makes me feel so guilty if I keep HER cooped up inside too much.