It’s Addictive


Either it’s addictive or I am catching or maybe my family is just strange. Now my mom has gotten the art car bug and look what she did. These are Native American Flame symbols and she made herself some floor matts to go with <G> I told her she needs to bead her steering wheel. She makes incredible beadwork.


3 Responses to “It’s Addictive”

  1. Joy Naifeh Says:

    Kay’s car is wonderful! And the floor mats match beautifully. We are now on a search for the steering wheel cover. Kim, you are definitely a carbon copy of your Mother. And how fortunate we are. I’m enjoying your blog a great deal but I’m still a little miffed because Death Is Not A Joyride didn’t reach the finals. I’m following the ArtCar entry. And so is Katy.


  2. Joy Naifeh Says:

    Thanks for the mail.

  3. Lea Armstrong Says:


    So glad you could post the photo of Kay’s car! She tried to explain it to me, but I couldn’t imagine the exact design.

    I’m blessed to know both of you.