El Wire is Too Cool

One of the things that is great about exploring a new medium is the new things you learn about. The art car folks turned me onto something called El Wire, or Cool Neon. This is strands of fluorescent wire that can be powered by your car battery or AA batteries or 9 Volt or home electricity. It comes in great colors and it is flexible. One company even makes it with an edge like piping so that you can SEW it into the edge of garments


This is the thinnest wire. I am going using this stuff for the “thread” on my giant spool of thread and in several giant needles. I bought it at http://www.thatscoolwire.com/
It can be set to blink or stay on and even to pulse to music!!

One Response to “El Wire is Too Cool”

  1. Kay Cox Says:

    Forgive the pun, but that is COOL wire. Never heard of it but sounds awesome!!! Perfect for the car.