The Thanksgiving Day Curse

sfairy.jpg Our Family has a Thanksgiving Day curse. It started one year  at my husband’s family gathering, when one of the kids fell on a survey stake and needed a ton of stitches. The following Thanksgivings  saw other accidents.  My  93 year grandmother fell over my dog and broke her collar bone one year. My mother was walking my brother’s dog, a cat crossed their path and my mother ended up with 2 broken wrists! More often the incidences are mishaps instead of major injuries. Things like broken garbage disposals that spew turkey goop every where or toilets backed up. This year we got off easy with backed up sinks that somehow made the air  uptake shaft fill up with water and flood the game room!? My mother dubbed this a phenomenon a “Visit from the Shit Fairy” the year it visited her with backed up toilets.. So this year the Shit Fairy was good to us and left us only a minor gift <VBG> One year my Mother made me this beaded charm. It says “No Shit Fairy” and is modeled afer a Native American Whimsy (which I collect, more about those another day)

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