More Whimseys

Frame with Flags

Early Bag


Tiny Coin Purse

Whish Broom Holder

Urn or basket shape

Flag Box with BOX written in beads on the top

5 Responses to “More Whimseys”

  1. victor Shiloski Says:

    Hello Kim, Great site.
    I have beaded pillow, that I am trying to identify.
    can I send you photos, to help identify it.
    Appreciate any help that you can assist with.
    Thank you
    Vic Shiloski

  2. Margret Rowbotham Says:

    I have a Box as well not in as good a shape but it was found in an attic about 15 years ago. I really did know anything about it until I started beading and became curious about this. I wondered if it had been made by my Grandmother but now think she either purchased it or it was given to her. She was born in 1896 and married in 1917. I could send a picture of it to you if you would like to see it.

  3. Kim Says:

    yes, send the photo to

  4. Kim Says:

    my email is

  5. Nickolina Jacoby Says:

    I have an item on Etsy that looks similar to the whimsies you have pictured here. Could you tell me if it would be considered in this category? I could not tell you where I purchased it, I have had it for a number of years.

    Thank you!
    Nicki Jacoby