death is not a joyride and Austin Music Poll

Hi guys, if any of you are willing to vote for KC’s band again this year the link is

You do have to give your contact info, which is a pain.

Her Band  “Death is NOT a Joy Ride” got lots of votes in these categories last year and finished 8th in their categories:


Kacy Ritter, my daughter is the vocalist.

These are all great people in her band. KC is a art major at UT and has an amazing academic record of straight A’s. 4.0!! And the rest are all artists, musicians, philosophers. I am really proud of her and them. You can hear their stuff at

They have been described as “Girl-Fronted Dark Violin Burlesque Dance Rock” and one of the latest Onion reviews said about them “F Dance, Let’s Art” They describe themselves as an art rock  band.  

Thanks for voting if you get the chance. As you can tell, I am pretty proud to have such a talented daughter. I can’t sing a note, play an instrument, so it amazes me.

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