What an Honor

I have been chosen to be one of 12 artists in SAQA’s 4th Art Gallery in a Box. Art Gallery in a Box III was auctioned for $10,000 during SAQA’s “Bridging the Gap” conference.Here is the line up. What an honor to be included in this group!

Bob Adams

Velda Newman

Patty Hawkins

Pat Kroth

Ann Johnston

Kim Ritter

Pam RuBert

Margaret Cusack

Carol Taylor

Chiaki Dosho

Enge Mardal and Steen Hougs

Carol Bryer Fallert

One Response to “What an Honor”

  1. Kay Cox Says:

    OMG! Awesome! Two of my favorites on that list! You and Pam RuBert. Yay! Waahoo! Congratulations!