Here is what I am doing to rebrand our image as little old ladies with BLUE HAIR


  1. Rosemary Says:

    You look GREAT, Kim! You certainly will attract attention, especially driving the art car. I’ve never colored my hair, never liked to fuss much, but your image here makes me consider going orange to match my crocs. Rosemary

  2. Kay Cox Says:

    I love it. I stopped by the Sports Bar on Saturday and looked at your car….didn’t see you any where…no green haired females were evident. Your car was the best on the yard…I love it. I’m bringing the family and friends Saturday…hope the weather is great!

  3. margaret Says:

    Fabulous! Among the company of green-haired women – possibly the first of ’em – is Constance Howard, an English embroidery “legend” who went green in the 1960s and stayed green till she died at the age of 99 – there’s a photo on on the cover of the book about her. Even in her late 90s she’d go to the textile degree shows and look through students’ portfolios and give critiques – a wonderful woman.

  4. Kim Says:

    I have a Doc Martens shoe thing, so I understand the croc connection.
    My daughter 23, artist and musician, told me I should keep it weird colors.
    Today at the parade I heard the purple stays on better then the turquoise I picked.

    And the people you see with great black hair and colored streaks are BLONDES who dye the streak a color and the rest black, not brunettes like me. The color is never as vibrant. I BLEACHED FIVE times over a 3 day period, each to the max time of ONE hour. Then twice, I did the 20 minute Manic Panic color. By 3 pm today it had faded to pale turquoise. Purple is next! Sure I must have some purple docs (should I wear the foil purple, purple splotched or maybe the ….)

  5. Dawn Bell Says:


    This is not your Mother’s blue hair!!
    I love what you’re doing to rebrand the image of the old lady with blue hair. You make me feel good about going blue.

  6. paulette perlman Says:

    Hi Kim

    I have been watching you from afar (actually from Florida). Sorry that we didn’t get a chance to connect at the houston art car parade, but you have some great pics fromt he parade.

    will be sending you some artwork ideas for your blog in the next couple days. Want to focus on all the rules so I can beome teachers pet.

    Hair looks good, how about paint brushes and doing a quilt pattern in your hair, might be a first

    Paulette and the Mermaid Mobile:-}