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Saturday night, around 2 AM after the parade and illuminated cruise in Houston, Tom Jones, cartist, photographer, lead singer for the Floaters, curator at the ACM, and all around great guy, was standing out on the sidewalk when a young drunk driver (not an art car driver) hit a parked car, flipping it over onto him. He was rushed to Ben Taub hospital, where he passed away during surgery. Cartists have been out at the museum today, hanging tributes on the fence, burning incense, crying, and hugging each other.

Here’s the Houston Chronicle story:

Here’s an interview w/ Tom in his role of curator:

Tributes are being shared here

More photos by delta niner

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  1. Kay Cox Says:

    What a shock! What a tragedy! And how ironic to happen in front of the Museum. Big loss to our art community! You looked great in the parade, however. Way to go, girl. Good job! So now what? Back to quilting? What’s next? Traveling with the car?

  2. Sabrina Says:

    I’m in shock, Tom was a great guy. My work with the Art Car scene in Htown were some of the best memories. He will be greatly missed by young and old alike, a treasue has been lost.