Want to be featured on my blog?

Want to be featured on my blog?

Send me

Pics of your work sized 360 pixels in width/height as much as needed to show me the work

Details (sized 360m pixels in width/height as needed) of a SELECT few pieces. What are the pieces you want featured?

Your statement about context: why you make art/what are your inspirations/what do you want to convey? /WHY should people connect to your work???

This is your chance to be quoted verbatim for your first 3-8 sentences. But go on too long and get a YAWN as your etc (GRIN) Make it relevant to your chosen pics and details!!!

for example “XXXX is important to me so my work reflects that”

ONE paragraph of your credentials. Include the most important things on your resume in third person voice ( Ritter did xyz) See above for when to stop talking! <G>

Think of and prioritize

Solos, publications by you and about you, traveling and juried shows, important collections.  I may cut off at any sentence so put the most important things first!!!

Keep in mind: readers mostly don’t care about this except to show how serious you are about what you do; they want to feel a sense of connection to your art

Your techniques (optional) unless trendy, unusual and noteworthy. You know if your work is outsider art, from an unexpected medium, gender surprising etc. Give me a sentence or two of why your techniques are important

A headshot (optional but recommended) (360 pixels width by whatever)

Working shot of you doing your art (recommended)(360 pixels width by whatever)


I want an easy job (like mag editors) so give me what I ask for <G> at least in sizes for pics.

Blow me away with some other format than my canned questions and become teacher’s pet

Pics MUST be 360 pixels in width, height whatever

Jpegs are preferred as Notions On Art is a web based blog

I advertise in Fiberarts Magazine and get lots of hits on the weeks when the mag comes out.

Send me something interesting and move to the head of the class

Cut and Paste is my friend!!!
BUT Use Word in any form and I am reading!

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