Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Watched a program on Brain Plasticity and decided to take up the Uke.

My goal is to be able to play IZ’s Over the Rainbow/Its a Beautiful World

2 Responses to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

  1. Chris Gilman Says:

    Keep me informed of your “uke” experience. I’ve been playing one since I was about 12… that was in 19#$*&^%$ !!!!!

    One bit of advice: Buy Martin strings and have it professionally restrung. It’s amazing the difference.

    Chris Gilman,
    Artist and Creative Genius,
    Founder, North Emerson
    Ladies Sewing Circle and Street Gang,
    Who enjoys the tenor and baritone Uke experience.

  2. Kim Says:

    I am finally able to make my fingers follow the tabs in melody and can sometimes add in the chord written above
    Know what a chord progression is and can do some of the main ones, not so smooth transitioning yet
    Can painstakingly count and change musical notes to tabs
    Did you know UKES come in KILLER COLORS now, worth taking it up just to have the “Bubblegum Pink Kala” or the “KIWI”