Ike Recovery

  • Working on sheet rock today, heard that my new studio on Galveston was under water about 4 feet for a day but the house is okay and the electricity is back on. We can’t go on the island until tomorrow. 
  • Pulling sheetrock in Nassau Bay all day today….my studio has never been cleaner ( it’s empty! <G>) 
  • I am really OK everyone, it is just stuff! I cried a bit when the towed the Piecemobile but now just want to get back to normal as quickly as possible.  
  • Planning art car #2 and #3  
  • #2 will be the Peace Expedition 
  • #3 will include parts from the jukeboxes etc that are ruined. 

When you get scraps…make a quilt! <G>–

2 Responses to “Ike Recovery”

  1. Kay Cox Says:

    Kim, it is good to hear you are moving on. I love the art car ideas and it sounds as though you are making great progress downstairs. Good for you.

  2. Martha Seymour Says:

    Having spent a few nights in the game room myself, my heart breaks for you. Even as an adult…of age,anyway…I always thought that room was the coolest ever. I am very sorry to hear of the destruction. But I also know the inner strength you possess, and the many family and freinds you have that will get you through it.
    oh—-very strnage to hear Perry has his own home!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!
    Time sure does fly.
    If you need anything, just email me.