Studio at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft


This is the view just inside my light and airy studio space at HCCC! What a great place to work. The physical layout is  very nice and the program for Artists in Residence is wonderful. Jason Kisshell is our AIR coordinator and he sets us up with a growth/enrichment experience once a month. This month we visited a local gallery and got to ask the owner all about her experience as an owner/artist! The other artists in residence are sharing people so we have all learned alot about what the others do.

There are constant interruptions  by visitors but the up side is you get to become comfortable about speaking about your work and learn the clues to see what people want to hear about.

Sorry I have been so slow getting back to the blog but I was having trouble with all the new replacements I had like camera ect.

2 Responses to “Studio at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft”

  1. Kay Says:

    HCCC is a wonderful place…so glad you got in there. I see you have replaced at least one quilting machine. Yay!

  2. Darcy Young Says:

    Glad you’re doing well. I miss talking to you. I am assuming you know about my stroke last year and I’ve been dealing with one thing or the other since. I’m trying to get the last grandbabies (twins) quilt finished – they are already a year old. I hope to get their quilts finished before they 2. Susan said I could come up their and use your handiquilter to get them quilted.

    I’m having a lot of fun painting. I’ve done some things I’m really proud.

    Call me when you get a chance. Love, Darcy