Looking for a Good Read on Crafts?

Gwynne Rukenbrod at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft passed on a very interesting article to me written by Bruce Metcalf in 1980 called “Crafts:Second Class Citizens?” In it he explores five reasons crafts are looked down on by the art world

1. A Lack of critical writing in the crafts

2. Crafts are pre-occupied with function

3. Use of ornamentation

4. 5 year lag of ideas behind the fine art world

5. Lack of an intellectual approach to crafts

Before you start hating, read on and you will f ind that Metcalf actually sees the craft movement as a giant “anti-high-art-taste movement” He likens craftsmen to Romanticism and critics and fine art to Classicism, two opposing philosophies. Very interesting and some of what  he says is spot on.

An interesting read and  now I am going to read some of his other later articles

You can find this article at www.brucemetcalf.com 

One Response to “Looking for a Good Read on Crafts?”

  1. Lynn Williams Says:

    Sounds thought provoking. During my tour the other day I was asked (once again) why the things in the HCCC exhibit were craft and not art. I told her we could spend the rest of the day discussing that issue!