Kindle app for I-phone and i-pod

There is a free app for Iphone and touch ipod that turns your ipod or phone into a kindle. It is wonderful. Buy your reading stuff on line from amazon and sync it to the phone. Turning pages is a snap ( unlike on an actual kindle). Control the size of the fonts etc. All for FREE. I am someone who loses their phone all the time,  but I always know where my BOOK is, so this is helping to solve one of life’s little problems too. Also it is back lit and I read in bed for the first time in years when I first got it. So save your  money for the kindle, and get an ipod or phone that can do other cool stuff too. I have already read Pillars of the Earth and three other 1000 page books, and it reads as  easy as pie!. And it remembers where I left off!

3 Responses to “Kindle app for I-phone and i-pod”

  1. Liz Says:

    Boo hoo! We can’t get this in the UK:( I tried…

  2. Kay Cox Says:

    I’ve played with a friend’s Kindle and thought it great but this thing sounds really neat. Thanks for the info. Scenario: my husband and I could read the same book at the same time…one of us on the Kindle, the other on the Iphone?

  3. Kim Says: