Drawing from the Well


The last two nights I have been scribbling away…

I like to use smooth laser paper in a very bright white. Usually I use a sharpie but these were scratched out with a Bic. I keep all of these drawings in a tub I have dubbed “The Well”
Later I will draw from the well and some of these drawings will inspire quilts in the future.
Back to binding!

2 Responses to “Drawing from the Well”

  1. Susie Monday Says:

    Hi Kim, Welcome to the blogosphere. I think reading and writing comments on other’s blogs is a way to see what is out there. My preference is for fewer fluffy kittens and more thoughtful fiber news, creativity, organizational tips, self critique and recording your very personal journey in art.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi Susie
    You’ve been blogging along time huh? I like your blog! I don’t even know if my reply just goes to you or appears on the my blog Lots to learn