Back in the Saddle Again!


I was named “Featured Artist”  on a special project with the Texas Childrens Cancer Center and the Periwinkle Foundation. I will be creating a Spirit Horse quilt for “Making a Mark” their annual art exhibition of children impacted by cancer.  Children at the center have collaborated on the quilt by creating stamped and stenciled fabric for the quilt.

The 6 mornings I spent at Texas Childrens Cancer Center  were eye openers. I had not realized what a warm and supportive environment I would be working in. The volunteers were all top notch. Carol Herron, the director of the Arts in Medicine program at the center, brings a real sense of purpose and excitement to the projects she has planned for the center. The center seems to run like a huge family, everyone seems to know everyone and be happy in their work.

The parents and children are very special. Many of these families spend long hours over long periods in the center having transfusions and chemotherapy. It is an honor to work with them

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