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Born in 1956 and raised mid-century modern, I had a head start on creativity. I always had the big box of 64 Crayons, huge pads of paper and parents who valued creativity and a sense of humor.


My parents were childhood sweethearts in a small town called Sapulpa Oklahoma

My Parents were childhood sweetheartskbeauty.jpgkbeauty2.jpgdadyfootballweb.jpg weddingkayron.jpg

Daddy was an IBM exec who broke out of his dark suits and white shirts on the weekends to don Ricky Ricardo shirts, jump in his latest sports car, play a few rounds of golf and wield his latest camera in the search of some artistic outlet in his corporate life.

Daddy modk1.jpgronkcar.jpgkaymod.jpg



Mother dabbled in numerology, painted, longed for clothes straight from Vogue and made them all herself. My favorite creation was a pink mini-dress with marabou feathers sewn to the bottom to make a tiny skirt. She was kooky and had us watch for UFO’s every nice evening in the summer in Oklahoma. We’d sit on the patio and watch while waiting for Daddy to come home from IBM.


We lived in a modern house in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with flip down appliances and all aqua and red furnishings.


I am originally from Oklahoma and most of my family has some Native American roots. I had a great grandfather who was a sheriff in Indian Territory and another who was a Pony Express rider.


My maternal grandfather owned a pool hall (which my grandmother MiMi insisted was a “billiards parlor”) and later became country tax assessor. MiMi was the first woman in the chamber of commerce in her town; she owned a baby shop from the time my mother was little, that grew to children’s clothing as my mother grew up. She still had the Nancy Kay Shoppe when I was a kid so I was spoiled for clothes. She and her sister (who was a professional seamstress) made quilts. I have one they made.

On the other side of the family I had a grandma who was a baby in the back of one of the wagons racing for land in the Oklahoma Land Run. They didn’t get any. My dad was the first one on the family to go to college. His dad went thru 3rd grade and went to work in the oil fields; his mom went all the way to 8th grade.

This grandmother, Nanny, spoiled me and taught me knitting, rug hooking, sewing, crochet and hand embroidery.


We were moved often over the years as I grew up and I was constantly being exposed to different types of people and absorbing new ideas. It was fertile ground for a young person searching for a voice. My brother is the poet Brent Hendricks.

horseykim.jpg kbkids2.jpgkbkids.jpg

I attended Emory University at 17, met my future husband at 18 and became a teacher after graduation. When I was 24 years old, we married and moved to New Orleans where I got my Masters degree at UNO and worked as a high school teacher in the pubic school system. We had a daughter five years later and a son in 1987.

In 1992, we moved to London, where I completed my City and Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting and in Design and built a collection of antique quilts and cross-stitch samplers.

In 1993, we moved to Copenhagen where I wrote my book Quick Quilting. I entered and won prizes at my first quilt competitions, the National Patchwork Championships in the UK and the American Quilt Society show in Paducah, Kentucky.

In 1995, we returned to the US to Connecticut and in 1996 we landed in Houston, the home of the International Quilt Festival.

Since my return to the states, I have concentrated all my energy in the studio and in getting my work out to the public.

I also help promote the art of the quilt with my volunteer work for the International Quilt Association and Studio Art Quilt Associates and through my work as Co-Director of the national touring exhibition Fine Focus. I live in Houston with my husband, my 4 cats and my 2 dogs. My two kids are off at college.

I am currently working on a project with the Texas Childrens Cancer Center and am planning to make an art car.

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    2. Cuzin Kingfish Says:


      I really, really enjoyed catching up on your life! I’m sending the link to my sisters, too.

      Will Aunt Kay be coming down for the Art Car Show? I’d love to have you guys over sometime.

      Love, Kingfish(er) (nickname was from my 3rd year. Gene & Edna owned a cafe in Nowata and the chief of police’s nickname was Kingfish. I also called him that and he laughed and said I was Kingfish, too. My nieces & nephews call me Aunt King. Can’t get away from nicknames in this family! Your dad was Uncle Runk; Frank, Uncle Funk; Paul, Uncle Punk; Gene, Uncle Junk; Howard, Uncle Hunk. We’re from weird people.)

    3. Tony Says:

      Well that was interesting:):) Just to prove I often pop by the site. I hope all is well and returning to normal for you after the trauma of 2008.

      Have a great Christmas and here’s to a HAPPY 2009.

    4. Kit Lukas Says:

      I have about 45 Whimsies from late 19th to early 20th century.

      Is there a market for these?



    5. Kim Says:

      People do buy and sell them on ebay

    6. susan genco Says:

      Hello Kim,
      We have 15 or so whimsies I would like to sell,would you be interested in helping with aprox. value? Iam narrowing down what i collect..too much stuff.Love your website.
      Thanks, Susan

    7. Kim Says:

      sure, sorry to be so late.

    8. Kim Says:

      Turkey Mt Crafts is you best bet for an honest appraisal

    9. Elizabeth A Triano Says:

      Kit, and Susan: I just went to a presentation and exhibit of beaded whimsies of the northeast. You can see info about it here: http://www.birdstone.org/exhibits_darlow.html . I have been seeing a bit more about this type of item lately, and suspect that there is about to be a surge in interest and thus possibly demand. I used a link to your website, Kim, in my newsletter article as a further resource. Good luck !

    10. Charity News Forum Says:


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