Bizarre Cowboy Boots Story

daddycowboy.jpg    Daddy, whose family called him Buck when he was young, loved to play cowboy!

Here he is with my Mother, and Ann and Wayne, dressed up for some Sigma Nu thing


I warn you this is bizarre and true. My father died when my kids were 4 and 6 and he was buried in North Georgia where my parents lived then. Years later my Mother moved to Santa Fe and decided she didn’t like his grave so far away. So she had him exhumed and cremated. She had a big wake which my brother and I didn’t attend because it just seemed weird. She and her friends had a big party and she kept his ashes in a little suitcase under her bed.

Years passed.  One day I got an hysterical phone call from my mom’s best friend. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Stuff about did I watch the news, and it was true, true! I couldn’t make head nor tails of it. Her husband got on and gently told me that the crematorium they had used ( they were the ones who did the job of getting him exhumed and cremated for my mom) was the one in the news in North Georgia.

That’s right my dad was one of the victims of that weirdo story in North Geogia where a crematorium had been broken down and the owners had just been stacking the bodies, in sheds, in barns, eventually just started throwing them in the lake. I had to call my mother and brother with the news.The FBI said it would be months before all the bodies were identified and asked all the families to go on-line, register and then send DNA.My husband started having nightmares figuring her might have to step up and identify the body. My mom’s native american friend told her that would make a spirit restless. The family was in a mess.A week later, before we had given DNA, they called to say they had identified my fathers remains. Well I was skeptical as hell by now and asked how they could have possibly found him.The Coroner got on to tell me they had a body with custom made cowboy boots with my father’s name stitched inside.

I called my mother to ask if he had been buried in cowboy boots

She started laughing…”yes..remember the funeral parlor called and said they didn’t fit, and I told them to cut the boots up the back and put them on him one way or another!” Then she started to chuckle more, saying “Damn, we had a HUGE fight when he bought those boots. I thought it was silly and cost way too much money! He always gets the last word”

But of course she won in the end because she had him cremated ( again!) and back in the little metal suitcase.

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